Fat Patty’s – Ashland, KY

Who‘s Your Patty?

There are so many reasons to love burgers. If you were to ask us for just one, I don’t think we could tell you. They’re easy to eat. We can dress them in whatever we want. And when they arrive, we’re always happy to see them. Honestly, burgers might be our best friends.

So sometime in the early 2000s, we decided to introduce our burger friends to the world. We opened the first of the Fat Patty’s franchises in Huntington, West Virginia, just a stone’s throw from Marshall University. We had big buns, big dreams, and a bunch of hungry students. Fat Patty’s was an instant hit. One restaurant became two. Two became four, and before we knew it, we were successfully thinking about burgers every single day.

Today, Fat Patty’s aims to be your home away from home. Whether it’s before the game or during the after party, our goal is to be the place you never want to leave.


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